Healthy Eating

by Boyd Williamson

A website encompassing social networking, discussion forums, and other features for people who wish to manage their diet and/or reduce their intake of calories.

Provides forums for members to discuss their experiences in managing their diet/weight:

Also provides for members to blog, use tools such as calorie calculators, and join groups with more focused interests:



Mark Bittman, food writer for the New York Times and author of Food Matters, has carved out a Web 2.0 space within the largely Web 1.0 Times website. While writing blog entries, or producing videos, about healthy, good tasting food, Bittman frequently solicits readers' opinions, suggestions, recipes, etc.


Bittman also produces videos for the New York Times website (also available on You Tube).


This website hosts blogs and discussion forums but its most notable feature is a Google Maps mashup that allows visitors to search for farms, CSA's, farmers markets, and natural grocery stores.



The Produce Garden

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a convenient way to have a constant supply of healthy foods. This You Tube channel, produced by an Australian homesteader named Christian, offers plenty of friendly, casual, but also very helpful, advice on how to do so.

Created by the United States Department of Agriculture, this site offers personalized eating plans and interactive tools to help you plan and assess your food choices based on dietary guidlines developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.