Rationale For Topic -- The Pursuit of Healthiness in 2009

By Ron Cascella and Lynn Sheehy

Why The Pursuit of Healthiness as the topic of a time capsule? Because the USA is a nation consumed with health. Some might argue this is ironic considering we are perhaps the unhealthiest we have ever been as a nation. As obesity rates continue to increase in almost half of the states (Forbes, 2009), so too does the risk of chronic diseases. Struggling with disease can seriously decrease the quality of life for those affected. This includes both the person with the disease as well as family and friends of those who have chronic ailments.

Team 1 chose this topic in part because of the emphasis on health in 2009, but also because health is an issue that will likely continue to be of concern to humans well into the foreseeable future. It also stands to reason that even if the obesity epidemic is stemmed, another aspect of health could be the focus of a future generation. Whether it is exercise, diet, or lifestyle choices, staying healthy involves the mind, body, and spirit. In the year 2009, we know that they are all inter-connected and that a holistic approach is necessary to maintain body and spirit. Our group wanted to explore how Web 2.0 technology in 2009 could be utilized by Americans to pursue health issues and prevent costly medical expenses.

For this project each team member selected an aspect of health that interested them. The topics covered include exercise, diet, mental health, outdoor activities/recreation, and stress relief. Team 1 feels that these topics taken together present a clear picture of total health. There are, of course, items that are not touched on (for example managed health care and nursing shortages), but this project can not be totally comprehensive because of time. However, Team 1 believes it provides a good sampling and is representative of American health issues in 2009.

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