Stress Management for Healthy Living

by Rachael-Joy Cowham

Found on: keywords: Stress Management
Created by Robert and Jeanne Segal
Created in 1999 and has been regularly maintained

I chose to include this website as an artifact because it covers a broad range of personal health topics that people can get advice from. Specifically speaking of stress management, this site covers in great detail the issues of stress, stress relief, stress management, and stress trauma. This website also documents how and why people get motivated to reach out to others. Robert and Jeanne Segal created this project in 1999 in memory of their daughter, Morgan. Their personal mission is to honor her memory and spirit by providing balanced, up-to-date information about mental health issues and life-long wellness. HelpGuide's mission is to help people understand, prevent, and resolve life's challenges.

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Email newsletter
Easily navigable
Free Emotional Intelligence Course
About page lists contributors and credentials
Related links

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Found on keywords: Stress Management
Creator - Henrik Edberg
Created in 2006 and is regularly maintained

"I am not an expert, I am merely an enthusiast."

I chose to include The Positivity Blog first because of its title. Positive thoughts are exactly what someone suffering from stress needs. The title suggests that whoever is behind this blog is trying to reach out and help as many people he can through positive energy. The blogger provides many personal examples that ordinary people can relate to. May of his posts get commented on. Another great feature of this blog is that Henrik really takes his time with the posts. He writes lengthy posts that are thoughtful and personal, but also universal. He didn't just list 10 stress relief tips, he listed 36! This website documents an ordinary person trying to sincerely connect with the world.

More features:

iPhone application so you can be positive on the go!
RSS feed; 15302 subscribers (and growing)
About page introduces the blogger
Post comments document how the blog helps others
Multiple ways to connect with the blog


about_positivity_screen_shot_7-12-09.JPG Management

Found by doing a Google search for "Stress Management Articles"
Elizabeth Scott, M.S. maintains the Stress Management Guide was founded in 1996; Stress Management Guide began in 2005

" is an online neighborhood of hundreds of helpful experts, eager to share their wealth of knowledge with visitors."

This artifact is included because it is an extension of a much larger website about everything. Some people prefer to get their information from sources that are written in simple format and easy to read. Ms. Scott has a bio that allows her followers to learn more about who she is and what credentials she possesses. Since value is a major determining factor when choosing artifacts to preserve, this site more than qualifies. The site provides hundreds of articles, links to other articles, and a wealth of information and related links. People who follow Ms. Scott and take her advice and information to heart leave comments on her blog posts that further document the value this artifact has.

More features:

Ms. Scott can be found on Twitter
Email Newsletter
RSS feed
Forum provides community interaction
All content is reviewed by Medical Review Board complete with bios and credentials


Stress Management on YouTube: found on WowILoveCarrot's Channel (video was removed from YouTube)

Found by doing a search on YouTube for Stress Management
Posted on 12/14/08
Creator is a 16-year-old teenager from Canada

This artifact is included because it is simple but real - 10 ways to become less stressed. This video was created as a school project and succeeds in providing a simple, fun, and realistic resource to become less stressed. The student project is creative and just a pleasure to watch, so it works to relieve some stress. A bit of light humor can brighten anyone's day. As a teenager, Super Mario Bros. always helped me to calm down and forget my troubles for a while. Number 10 on the list of tips is "play video games!" This artifact, again, documents how people are using Web 2.0 tools to reach out and connect with others who wish to improve their health.

1. Buy a stress ball
2. listen to soothing music
3. Get an organizer
4. Buy a Zen Garden
5. Find a Sanctuary
6. Do yoga
7. Yell
8. Participate in physical activities
9. Find a hobby
10. Play video games

Stress Management on YouTube: albaalamilloyahoo Channel

Found by doing a search on YouTube for stress management
Posted on 1/13/09
Creator Alba Alamillo is a hypnotherapist located in Northern California

This artifact is included because it documents another ordinary person reaching out. This is evidence of a sincere person sharing her knowledge and advice with anyone who wants to listen. She has helped her community both online and in person through phone conversations. Her videos get commented on frequently by people wanting to thank her for posting a video or just to say how much her video helped them through a difficult time. What caught my attention at the very beginning of the video is that she is thanking her viewers for their support. She is obviously reaching out and making a difference!